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I cryo'd and fire lapped my Savage 112 bull barrel bencher and pillar bedded the action, put in a custom trigger and shot nothing but moly coated bullets, all to get 3/4" at 100 yards, when out of the factory box it shot 1". I believe bedding is probably a good idea, for the mini-14, but fire lapping this little tube? I just don't know about that. I think heat and harmonics are probably larger problems than the bore. The muzzle brake is probably the best bang for the buck, from what I am reading, when you try to tame this little devil. Bet you, though, that if Ruger offered a bull barrel on the 14, they'd probably never sell another spaghetti tube again.

Thanks for the input, only way to learn!


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message to T-Bone26,

I was having trouble deciding between AR15 and Mini 14 until I read your post to VV about the difference between the two and why you prefere the mini 14 so that is the way I am going to go, thanks for the comparison.
I want the 223 because it is cheap ammo and I shoot a lot, what is your recommendation for the best all around mini 14 to get me the best score results stock out of the mods.

keeping in mind to go to mods at a later date.

the club I shoot at does a lot of 10 round slow fire matches, standing, sitting, prone.

I feature putting a scope on this gun asap
I plan to do a lot 100yd shooting, is this gun capable at 200 yds?
we have a precision shooting team,6ppc stuff at 200 yds, it looks like a lot of fun but I think you need to drop 3 or 4 thousand bucks just to get to entry level, not up to that at this point.

I would appreciate any info you might be able to offer a new mini 14 shooter.


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