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somewhere I saw a thread which talked about altering the
gas bushing (?) to reduce the throw of ejected cartridges.
I didn't measure the distance on mine, but some guy wasn't
happy about my bouncing them off his car in the parking lot
behind the firing line.

What is it I need to get, and where do I get it? Does changing
the spring also help?

I'm sure glad I found this site. I bought a mini, put a $120
scope on it, and found myself getting 6-8" groups at 100
yards, shooting 4 different loads from a rest. I was about
to junk it, but now I will work with it for awhile.
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The different size holes in the gas block bushing allow different amounts of gas to cycle the action, the bigger the hole the more force that is put in to the action cycle. By using a bushing that cycles the action just enough to function it lessens the dynamic forces that may cause accuracy problems.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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