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somewhere I saw a thread which talked about altering the
gas bushing (?) to reduce the throw of ejected cartridges.
I didn't measure the distance on mine, but some guy wasn't
happy about my bouncing them off his car in the parking lot
behind the firing line.

What is it I need to get, and where do I get it? Does changing
the spring also help?

I'm sure glad I found this site. I bought a mini, put a $120
scope on it, and found myself getting 6-8" groups at 100
yards, shooting 4 different loads from a rest. I was about
to junk it, but now I will work with it for awhile.
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My suggestion: Buy a brass catcher. You'll find a thread somewhere on this forum with pictures.

Also, buy a double-brake (another thread, under "accurizing the Mini-14"). I've had great result with it, as have a few others on this forum. Shrunk my groups to 1.5-2" @100 yards. Results vary quite a bit though. Your mileage may vary.
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