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Mini-14 584-89 something crooked

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I got this Mini 14 in a trade. I put a scope on it and can sight in a vortex scope, which has around 80 moa of adjustment range on the windage, but have adjust it to within 5 moa of bottom left windage. To the eye something doesn't look right, so I lined up a straight edge along the left side and right side of the scope mounts. (see photos) I think maybe the barrel isn't screwed in right, the hole where the barrel screws in isn't perpendicular to the front face of the receiver, or the scope mounts are misplaced. I don't think this is a gas block problem, as the problem persists with the stock and other parts removed. The gas block is only touching the barrel, but the straight edge still indicates barrel or sight misalignment. I suppose I have to send this back to Ruger.
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Personally, I would send it to ASI in Colorado and have them inspect it.

Incidentally, I was considering sending a Mini-30 for the full accurizing package at ASI. As for this Mini-14, I had an open mind, but now I just want to get rid of it, but can't because I can't sell it to anyone in this condition. But I think you have a compelling idea. ASI definitely could tell me what is wrong. But I should probably start by attempting to explain it to Ruger on the phone. Who knows, I could get a new mini out of it. Incidentally, this mini that I acquired in a trade was shipped in 2023 according to Ruger's serial number lookup.
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gas block to fore end bedding.
I have not heard of gas block to fore end bedding, what is that exactly?
I've only heard of regular glass bedding on both sides of the receiver, or 3 pillar bedding.
I sent it to Ruger already, so we'll see what happens.
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