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Mini 14/30 Accessories

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Hi all,
Take a look at these new accessories I am producing for the Mini 14/30. A Tactical Mag Release and a Tactical Flashlight Mount. Both are very user friendly and easy to install. Complete instructions included.

The flashlight mount is CNC machined from aluminum bar stock and anodized black or silver.

The mag release is machined from stainless steel or mild steel bar stock. It is 3/4" longer than the factory mag release and is very easy to install. It even comes with a slave pin to aid in assembly.

The prices are reasonable, but I'm not going to post them here. I feel bad about jumping in and hawking my stuff right off the bat, and if I offend anyone, I'm sorry.

But I think you're gonna like this stuff.
The Products/Ordering page has good close up pics.

I have the products ready to ship.

I'll post a pic of my Mini next week.

Ya'll Have A Good Day.

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NICE, clean looking flashlight mount, Lee. Probably the nicest I have seen for the Mini.

Most flashlights will be the size of the longer one in the photo, so any way you could put the space between the flashlight and the barrel to good use, specifically by mounting one of the new, very cost-effective lasers in that space? That would be a real winner. Ideally, sell it with one of each, complete with pressure switches for either side of the stock.

Other options you might want to consider are:
-- tapping both sides of the attachment block to allow attachment of a small, Weaver-type pad on either side of the block for additional attachment options. (This could also be done by machining the pads.)
-- a matching top block with a Scout mount

Also, I think you could sell a similar item to M1A owners, as I know of no quality mounts like this available for that platform.

Good luck, and keep us posted.

-- cw
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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