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Mini 14/30 Accessories

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Hi all,
Take a look at these new accessories I am producing for the Mini 14/30. A Tactical Mag Release and a Tactical Flashlight Mount. Both are very user friendly and easy to install. Complete instructions included.

The flashlight mount is CNC machined from aluminum bar stock and anodized black or silver.

The mag release is machined from stainless steel or mild steel bar stock. It is 3/4" longer than the factory mag release and is very easy to install. It even comes with a slave pin to aid in assembly.

The prices are reasonable, but I'm not going to post them here. I feel bad about jumping in and hawking my stuff right off the bat, and if I offend anyone, I'm sorry.

But I think you're gonna like this stuff.
The Products/Ordering page has good close up pics.

I have the products ready to ship.

I'll post a pic of my Mini next week.

Ya'll Have A Good Day.

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Will the flashlight mount hold a 2C cell mah light?
Ahmmmmmm well I have that, so yours is a weaver style base that attatches to the lower gas block with an aditional bracket that attatches to the mount and holds the flashlight?
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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