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Hey guys and gals,

Well, this is my first post (new member) and I had a question. I've been reading some threads and I can't seem to find it or I've skipped over it. I was wondering what's a good muzzle brake for a mini 14 181 series, without necessarily getting the barrel threaded and re-crowned. I'm on a tighter budget, the Navy doesn't pay that well, I want it to be functional not aesthetically appealing. Now, this is assuming a muzzle brake helps with "accurizing" the mini. I have an Accustrut on the way to the house I literally just ordered to help with "accurizing". I've got an ATI strikeforce stock, with a 5 position forehand grip with a red dot scope (also in the mail) and I love it. Especially, the folding stock which helps make it more compact for easier carrying.

Hopefully you guy's and gal's can help me out with this one. Looking forward to engaging in more convo's with everyone!!!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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