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Millett Scope Hassle

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I just have to blow off a little steam over this! In early Dec,I bought a Millett 6-25x56 mildot 30mm tube scope from a supplier.When I got the scope,I noticed immediatly that the "Millett" label that is etched into the side of the scope in large,gold letters,was upside down!! Well,it really looked stupid,so I contacted Millett directly,figuring this would be the fastest,easiest way to handle the situation. They told me to send it to them (on my dime)and they would get a new one out to me very soon. Well,here it is tword the middle of March,and NOTHING!!! They take up to 2weeks to answer my inquirees,and then tell me it will be "a couple of weeks".I finally got fed up and told them to just send my scope back to me,they replied that they already sent it to the manufacturer for credit!! So,now I have NOTHING,and I can't even return it to the place I bought it from!!I don't know what to do,but I'm considering driving out to California and stomping some ass (I'm laid off right now,and have extra time)! What else can I do?


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