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Military Self Defense Ammo for Mini 14

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What is the best Military Self Defense Ammo for the Mini 14?
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Originally posted by Adam Culpepper
thats a contradiction. the military is forced to use FMJ rounds, thanks to NATO. FMJ rounds over-penetrate on most human targets and dont transfer all of their energy to the subject.

hollowpoint rounds are a better choice for shooting humans, especially in the home.
I have to disagree, have you ever seen what M193 ball ammo does ? it is spectacular to say the least especially at close range, it tumbles and fragments causing a devasting wound and is very cheap and is less likely to over penetrate in materials found in homes than 9mm.

I would be worried that a hollow point wouldn't get you enough penetration because it seems like most 223HP are varment rounds.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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