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Military Self Defense Ammo for Mini 14

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What is the best Military Self Defense Ammo for the Mini 14?
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thats a contradiction. the military is forced to use FMJ rounds, thanks to NATO. FMJ rounds over-penetrate on most human targets and dont transfer all of their energy to the subject.

hollowpoint rounds are a better choice for shooting humans, especially in the home. they are much more likely to stop in the the subject, therefore transferring all of the stored energy in the bullet, and less likely to continue on to hit a family member or bystander.

as for military stuff, its pretty much the M855 ball ammo and the M193 stuff.
yes, but most "varmint" rounds shatter on impact too.

in fact, most SWAT teams that use AR's also use the varmint-specific rounds for the same reasons you mention.

also, not every M193 round works as advertised, whereas almost all hollowpoints will expand on impact.

i will grant you that the ball ammo is cheaper, and more rounds fired makes for a more efficient shooter, which is more important than any penetration issue.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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