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"We don't have all the fancy stuff like shopping carts and answering people.
We talk too all our customers on a very personal basis. We rush to get your
orders out and have you satisfied. We will offer great prices and won't be
undersold. Most of all our success is based on your happiness with our
service and policies."
-A-Zoom Practice Ammo already reduced prices.
-B-Square Rigid BiPod #6002 - $36.95+ shipping.
-B-Square Lifetime Guaranteed Gunsmith ToolSet $16.50+ shipping.
-B-Square Mounts, Classic and Military 25% off retail .
-Fobus Holsters 10% and better off delivered prices.
-Fobus Glock 26 and 36 Ankle Holsters only $24.95 each(reg retail
-Fobus Glock 17 series paddle GL2 $14.99+ shipping.
-Fobus Glock 26/27 series paddle $14.99 + shipping.
-Fobus Glock 29/30 series paddle $14.99 + shipping.
-Fobus 1911 Belt Holster $14.50 + shipping.
-Fobus 1911 Paddle $14.99 + shipping.
-Fobus MOTOROLA Carrying case- set of 2 $14.50 plus shipping.
-All double mag pouches $15.99 plus shipping.

-Butches Bore Cleaner 4oz and 16oz-reduced pricing.
-H&K Original German Stanag Scope Mounts @ $185.00 + shipping.
-CLOSEOUT-Lyman Toolkit, Gunsmith 32 pieces-Retails for 24.95 your for
11.50 Plus shipping.
-SPECIAL-Pachmayr CUSTOM 1911 Accessories and Pachmayr 7 and 10 rnd mags, AR 15 presentation [email protected]
-Pachmayr Individual Pocket Pistol cleaning kits-buy all 3 [email protected] $27.95 +
-TACSTAR SHOTGUN ACESSORIES 15% off web pricing.
-Lyman Reloading, Sights and tools %10 more off web prices.
-Lyman Publications new page.
-SPECIAL-Lyman Black Powder rifle & kits at Dealer pricing + take another
$10.00 Off.
-CLOSEOUT-Lyman TARGET DOTS-all 9 packs $25.00 + shipping.
-Special Pricing on all Lyman Moly Products and Scales+ another 5%.
-You can see all of these items and more at our site and while there sign
up for a regular e-mail product and sale updates. If you are a dealer or
Gunshow person and require quantity pricing please contact me for a quote.
-We want your business and won't be undersold.
-Important to know is that we don't make money on shipping and if you
order multiple items we will figure the order by exact shipping weight for
the lowest US Priority Mail rate-also no extra for credit card useage. We
appreciate your business!

Thank you,

Bob Lippman
Lippman Enterprises,Ltd.
P.O. Box 134
Palenville , N.Y. 12463
Fx-651-324-1398(direct toComputer)
[email protected]
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