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Mi garand in 308

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Alright here goes. I am not very knowledgeable on Garands but a fellow is selling 2 M1 garands in .308 both national match, glas bedded and were used by his brother in competition at Camp Perry. I am trying to get pics and more info. Can anyone help with what I should look for and price ranges. I know the info is a little vague but hopefully I will know more soon. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Just as a general guide to buying guns. Don't buy above your level of knowledge. That is, become totally familiar with what's been written on what you want to buy including such publicationsas the Garand Collectors Association journal. At that point you'll know what questions to ask the seller who might be misrepresenting through ignorance or malice what they are selling. It's like the old saw "Buy the gun not the story"
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