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Mi garand in 308

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Alright here goes. I am not very knowledgeable on Garands but a fellow is selling 2 M1 garands in .308 both national match, glas bedded and were used by his brother in competition at Camp Perry. I am trying to get pics and more info. Can anyone help with what I should look for and price ranges. I know the info is a little vague but hopefully I will know more soon. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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the front and rear sights should be nation match marked NM the barrel too should be marked .308 on the side when you pull the handle back. Inside there should be a 3/4" block in the front of the mag well, this keeps the shorter .308 rounds in place when firing. If there's not one and they tell you that it doesn't need it then I would buy it. Pun intended. Also the stock will have stock bedding compound around the rear of the reciever should be able to see it with the gun still together. Reciever should fit very tight in the stock so don't be surprised if he doesnt want to pull it apart. Also price range should be $1000-1500.
Wrong, It keeps the rounds from sliding out of the clip under recoil. I had one and after 3-4 shots the rounds started sliping out of the clip and jamming up.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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