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metolius 1022

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Built this a couple of years ago. 22" match sporter barrel, fajen stock, weaver 2x7 scope, hammer/trigger kit.


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hey Cajungeo, up until I found this site, I shot cheap stuff. Found the American Eagle hp's to be consistent ( no duds) and fairly accurate. Now I'm thinking I gotta find something the gun really likes.
Sniper, was thinking of the Velocitors as something to try. Also heard good things about Win T22? The barrel does have the match chamber, and I believe even came with a warning not to use Stingers. No Kmarts around these parts. Will just go get a box of a few different brands and try them out. I'll also run them through the chrono and try to post.
Cajungeo, great idea for the rim thickness guage. I've had .22s get stuck in .223s while tumbling brass, just never put the two together. Made a matched batch tonight.
As for the Remmingtons, I can imagine a high sd. Never clocked them but have had/ heard many duds from the same box.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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