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I'm just sick. I was changing stocks on my 10-22 and the barrel got knocked off the bench.........and hit the concrete on the muzzle. After reinstalling the barrel/receiver assembly, my groups went from what had previously been 1/2" at 100' to 3" at the same distance. :( Have I totally ruined my barrel, or can a gunsmith re-crown or set the crown back to regain the accuracy? I sure don't expect I'll be putting many squirrels in the pot with a 3" group.
If I were you I would use this as an excuse to buy a new bbl (particularly if you need to justify the expense to the better half). "Gosh hon, I need to buy this new bbl". Then go out and get a nice new match grade tube and tighten those groups up some more. The old tube? Have it recrowned and keep it as a spare.

Just my two cents.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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