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Well, some people like them, some people like Eotechs, some people like Acogs, some people like Aimpoints, so its what you like, or what you get used to as for if they are any good.

The housing is metal.

Trijicon makes a similar one also using fiber optics, but comes in only 2 different sizes of red dot, and they are both huge MOA's. for myself, I prefer a smaller reticle that does not block out a small object at longer range shots.
The Mepro M21 does have smaller red dots, bulls-eyes etc reticles to choose from to fit ones needs better.
The OP's asking about tritium iron sights...

AFAIK, the sight body is entirely of blued steel. I have only heard of a couple of members here who have used Meprolight front sights, and they have given mixed reviews.

Do a member search for USMCRonin -- he's the one who sticks out in my mind. He liked them and said they fit pretty well, but did mention that the fit and finish is a bit rougher than he'd expected for the price.

On a side note, XS Sights has claimed for at least 2 years now that they're working on an M14-style tritium front sight for the 580-up Minis, but I have yet to see one...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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