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I know its alot to ask but over here in the uk there isnt anyone I can ask. could someone take some messurements for me in iches or mm off their auto-mate please? as been looking around now for weeks with no luck,
the messurements I need are below.

depth (on top rear to start of slope)
slope size,
front hight up to slope
rear hight
disk size aross disk
center of the disk to the conecting arm bolt size
lenght of arm from disk bolt to upper bolt thats on the rear of the press
and thickness of steel used for the auto mate and the disk.

If someone could do this for me it would be a great help.

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MEC 9000 Parts Order Page
Contact them directly.

I sold mine years ago, so I can't give you measurements.
I can tell you that putting the large shot bottle on the powder side, and a 2-liter soda bottle (with a hole cut in the bottom) on the shot side will keep you loading longer (the factory shot bottle only holds about 13 pounds of shot, VS the 2 liter which will hold a full 25 pounds)
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