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With Promag making a 25 round magazine for the Marlin 795, I am seriously considering buying one of each - the magazine and the rifle.

Parts of this article have been republished with permission.

I use two Marlin 795 carbines, one it its Liberty Training Rifle incarnation (Appleseed Edition), the other in a Badger M22 bullpup stock. Both of them came with 10-round magazines, which is usually enough for the intended purpose. However, larger magazines are fun, so I tried a ProMag 25-rounder

The magazine is single-stack all the way down. There's no way to interact with the follower, so the loading is a bit slow but not difficult. It fit the regular 795 perfectly, requiring a smack on the bottom to seat but with zero wobble in the magazine well. Like the factory metal magazines, it's not drop free. Feeding has been perfect. The floorplate held on by detents is removable for cleaning.

Read the full article - 25-round Magazine for the Marlin 795

Marlin has a reputation of producing quality firearms at an affordable price. When my three sons got old enough to safely handle a firearm I bought each one of them a Marlin 336 gold trigger edition.

I can honestly say Marlin is at the top of my "to buy" list when I go looking for a new rifle.

With that being said, is there a single good reason not to buy a Marlin 795?
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