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Earlier this year, the nice folks at Cheap Ammo For Sale | In Stock Ammunition For Sale contacted me with a request to test some ammunition. I accepted letting them know I was not setup to do proper tests i.e. velocity, penetration, and expansion. This was acceptable to them and they then sent me two boxes of Magtech .357's to run through and see how I liked them.

Before I continue, I must apologize to the very kind people at Cheap Ammo For Sale | In Stock Ammunition For Sale, thank, and compliment them on their patients and conviction in me, as, due to my health, schedule, and terrible summer weather here; I was unable to test the ammunition in a reasonable time. This delay was to the degree that I contacted then and wanted to ship the ammo back at my expense, feeling it fraudulent, on my part to keep these expensive cartridges on what may appear to be deceptive pretences. They would hear nothing of it and told me they hoped I felt better and to test it and write a review when I was up to it. I will tell you people, I was shocked and refreshed that, in this day and age of "screw thy neighbor", to hear this from a business, especially one that doesn't know me from Adam. Based upon this alone I would recommend then as a quality place with which to do business.

The ammunition tested was Magtech FD357A .357 S&W Magnum 95-grain SCHP (solid copper hollow point). This features their 100% solid copper bullet, which optimizes energy transfer through superior expansion characteristics. For those of us who are techno-junkies I will include all the good stats for you here:

My son, Matt, did the trigger work using my Dad's Ruger Service Six 4-inch bbl SS (left) and his S&W M28 Highway Patrolman 4-inch bbl SB N-frame (BTW, kudos to Jessie aka bulletman for this find as it has the best finish on a M28 I have ever seen and is in excellent condition…).

The ammo shot well; a bit low in our guns nevertheless perhaps that is due to the lightweight of the projectile. This was not even an issue for combat purposes as they hit just below the point of aim. Of course, had Matt practiced a bit before hand... :D

Judging from what we saw examining the log backstop, penetration, and expansion should not be a problem and according to other more scientific reports, they expand as well or better than some other all-copper bullets do.

Consequently, it appears to us that copper bullet ammo is accurate, it was clean burning, and they did not give the impression of fragmenting (at least the one or two we found). The copper bullets did not foul the barrels as standard cleaning worked perfectly, they did penetrate, and they would probably be a great choice for small lightweight pistols due to the lesser recoil of the light bullets.

Yes, I feel I could recommend the Magtech .357 Magnum 95-grain SCHP for duty use nevertheless I would still prefer to see some forensic reports from actual shootings before I was a total convert to SCHP ammo.

Good news for you reloaders out there, Magtech sells just the bullets as item no: BU357SC

Here is a great selection of Magtech ammo: Magtech Ammo for Sale at - Buy Handgun and Rifle Ammunition by Magtech and when you stop in at tell 'em Kilogulf59 set ya…hopefully they won't slam the door on ya :lol: .

Here's the video you've all been waiting for…


As far as the noise signature and flash are concerned, they are as loud as any magnum, and they seemed slightly higher pitched. The flash was hard to describe, as it was fairly bright outdoors nonetheless, it appeared to be less than with many magnum loads I've used. Note the video…

This may help also, it' a clip from on .357 terminal ballistics&#8230;terminal 357 magnum <= BTW, I highly recommend a visit there, tons of good data, an exceptionally well-done site.

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