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My CZ457 Varmint MTR it had this BiPod on it.

I comment that I did not like this BiPod, it just seemed a little to flexible and a little taller than I liked. Now moving forward with this BiPod I have made a few changes to it and really wondering if anyone else has tried this.

I now have a Thompson Center Contender Pistol with a 10" barrel I am going to mount this BiPod on. Still the same problem especially for a pistol. It is just a little too tall. So I ended up taking it apart and filling another notch in the legs so I can now place them in the up (folded) position and also down in the 90 degree position. With the filed in notch I now can also place the legs in a 45 degree position. I really liking the BiPod now that this can be done. I just wonder why MagPul did not do this ?

I am waiting on the stock set for the Thompson Center to mount this on, probably should receive it next week around Thursday or Friday two weeks at the most if it has to be made. It should be perfect for it though.

Here it now is.

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