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Magnum Mini?

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Is it possible to ream the chamber of the Mini-30 to a more powerful .308 cartridge? I Know that the magazine length and head diameter are the limiting factors so I was specifically thinking in terms of a 7.62x39 improved for possibly 200 or so more fps. Anyone ever heard of this being attempted?
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What you propose will not work for more reasons than I can list. The company tried a .308 version of the mini-14 that never got past testing. I think someone must have informed them that a .308 mini-30 allready exists,per se.....It's called M-14!!:eek:
You're right,it is M1A in civilian form. And it was the inspiration for the mini-14. Ruger's prototype .308 was called XG-1 I think?? I've heard of it and seen it mentioned,but It's never made any sense why they attempted it's creation.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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