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Magnum Mini?

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Is it possible to ream the chamber of the Mini-30 to a more powerful .308 cartridge? I Know that the magazine length and head diameter are the limiting factors so I was specifically thinking in terms of a 7.62x39 improved for possibly 200 or so more fps. Anyone ever heard of this being attempted?
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There is not an Ackley Improved version of the 7.62x39.
However, that is something I have been thinking of doing myself. Take some of the body taper out of the cartridge and sharpen the shoulder a bit. You could shoot factory ammo out of it with no problem. It would just fireform the brass. Then you can load the brass for a little more velocity. Just something i have been thinking about for my mini-30. ;)
Hey Geno, isnt the 300 whisper a subsonic round? If I am mistaken, could you point me in the right direction to find some info on it?

Buswack, I am aware of the reason for the body taper, but have you looked at the 7.62x39? The taper on that is a bit extreme. I don't mean eliminate it, just take some of it out to give it a taper similar to the .223. With a sharper shoulder, one should be able to increase the case capacity enough to make a difference without compromising extraction, and without eliminating the ability to fire factory amunition.
Cheers Geno!
I love this place! Everyone is so helpful!
Ok.... 300 Whisper is 221 firball necked up to .308. Sounds effective. 2400fps with a 125gr bullet puts it at exactly what the standard 7.62x39 does anyway. (if you go with hodgdons data )
I shall have to keep searching..... ;)
I shall be quite carefull. Not looking for anything near what .308 can do. Just a little boost to get it a bit closer to the 30-30 winchester (about 200fps, not 700fps). If it can handle pressure test rounds at about 75000 CUP (my local gunsmith tested it with them), it should be able to do this.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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