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Magnum Mini?

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Is it possible to ream the chamber of the Mini-30 to a more powerful .308 cartridge? I Know that the magazine length and head diameter are the limiting factors so I was specifically thinking in terms of a 7.62x39 improved for possibly 200 or so more fps. Anyone ever heard of this being attempted?
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Actually what you would want to buy as an analog of Mini in .308 Win is an M1A rifle - a civilian semi-auto version of M-14.

Since the external barrel diameter is determined by maximum weight and internal one by the bullet caliber, what could they do differently?
Mini-14 is as inaccurate as Mini-30 even though the barrel is supposedly designed for .223 round.

Once you have a loose construction and light barrel, you lose accuracy. Even M1A or Remington 700 which is a base for bolt sniper rifles benefit enormously from after-market accurising.

Mini-30 is considered inaccurate because it is considered for hunting and people compare it with the guns shooting 1/2 MOA. Mini-30 is in the same accuracy category as AK or SKS.

Mini-14 is never considered for hunting (with original barrel) and 4" at 100 yards is good enough for a military rifle that will shoot after a mud bath.

Apparently recent Mini-30 are .311, not .308 barrel. Also, some people have better results with .311 in .308 barrel - especially once the barrel warms up.

It's very individual.
Also, SKS is a big rifle - around 10 pounds or more. It's not an assault rifle by design or any stretch of imagination. Everything else being equal it should shoot better than a 6-pound rifle with a tinfoil barrel.

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