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So now that I have my optic selected (Aimpoint PRO), and on the way, I decided to explore the world of magnifiers and mounts. I had originally wanted to go with the new EOTech G33, but they are totally sold out online it appears. Not only that but they run in $550 range. Considering that it comes with what looks like a rock solid mount, that really isn't too bad. Although I wouldn't have known that until I looked for other magnifier mounts. I decided to go with the Primary Arms long eye relief 3X mag, which is on sale for $100. Now I am in the market for a mount.....

As far as magnifier mounts the pickings are pretty slim, especially towards the higher end. There are plenty of Ebay/Sightmark clones out there for under $40, but I refuse to put expensive equipment on a POS like that. On the super high end you have La Rue and ARMS, although they run from $160-$250 respectively. After looking at these the EOTech mag and mount combo was looking more and more doable, but it is still out of stock. ADM makes a swivel mount, but it doesn't flip the magnifier to the side, it rotates it parallel to your optic. It looks very well made, but I wasn't a fan of that type of movement. I would prefer a mount that flips it to the side, and that is solid on both ends of the action.

Well after digging deep I found three promising bets. The Sun Optics flip to side mount ($50), the Burris AR Pivot Mount ($70), and Primary Arms flip to side mount ($50). There really wasn't much info on the first two, and it appears that the Primary Arms mount has been sold out for a while (or I would have bought it as a package deal with the magnifier). The Burris pivot mount had been delayed for a few years because of an apparent copyright mess, but is available from SWFA as of yesterday. Well I decided to go with with the Burris mount, although I am not totally sure of it's height from the rail.

A major problem with almost all of these mounts is the lack of an accurate height measurement in the description. La Rue and Primary Arms both sell a tall and short mount, meant for either lower 1/3 cowitness or absolute cowitness respectively. Other than those two, none of the other companies advertise the exact height of their mounts. I had to search random forums for approximate height measurements from other people who own them, and it appears that it is an absolute CW. I know the Aimpoint PRO comes with a factory mount that makes it an absolute cowitness, but I still not 100% sure if the Burris mount will line up perfectly. I am not against raising the red dot with an aftermarket mount (like La Rue) but I would prefer not to have to right away. So only time will tell how everything fits together.....

Any of you guys have experience with magnifiers and mounts? I will let you all know how the Burris pivot mounts functions (and it's actual height) when I get my hands on it.
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