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M1A: Wood or Synthetic stock?

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I'm going to buy an M1A but i can't decide between a wood or a synthetic stock. What do you all think? I'll be using it for deer and boar hunting, plinking, and target shooting. Thanks.:usa:


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maddon said:
Got my M1A NM with a synthetic stock, then ordered a walnut stock from Freds. Why not have both, one for function and one for looks.:D
I did the same thing. I bought the gun with the walnut stock, finished it, then decided it looked too nice to risk putting a dent in it.

So I bought a well-used surplus fiberglass stock from Cheaper Than Dirt a couple of years ago, painted it OD green, and used that. I liked it, but it had been pretty battered before I bought it, so I bought an unissued fiberglass stock from Fred's. Using the experience I'd gained from the banged-up stock, I did a really professional paint job on it, and filled in the selector switch stock with a Sparrowhawk dummy kit.

Now I have three stocks for the M1A, one for special occasions, one for normal range use and another for SHTF. Nothing like variety.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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