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M1A: Wood or Synthetic stock?

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I'm going to buy an M1A but i can't decide between a wood or a synthetic stock. What do you all think? I'll be using it for deer and boar hunting, plinking, and target shooting. Thanks.:usa:


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I bought mine w/ wood. Took the my dealer about an extra week or two to find because of it. Now, I wish I'd have gotten the synthetic then I wouldn't be so concerned about dinging it up or an occasional scrape. If you're going to use yours for deer and boar hunting I'd expect it to get somewhat knocked around. You might then want the synthetic.

But here's another thought. Get the wood stock, then go to and get a used fiberglass one for $15. Throw that on it when you're heading to the woods.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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