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M1A: Wood or Synthetic stock?

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I'm going to buy an M1A but i can't decide between a wood or a synthetic stock. What do you all think? I'll be using it for deer and boar hunting, plinking, and target shooting. Thanks.:usa:


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Wood Stocks

We have fired several thousand rounds through Garands or M-14s at once here in the military, and have found that when a wood stock gets very hot, it can start to smoke and burn, especially with resin or sap or oil that remains impregnated in the wood.

Synthetic stocks on the M-14 do not burn or smoke and also eliminates the stock splitting eventually on a wood stock.

This is probably not applicable to civilian considerations, because I doubt many people would fire a few thousand rounds through a weapon at once.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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