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I was thinking of adding a Harris bipod to my M1A, but had a few questions.

1)Any opionions on the value of this
2)Suggestions on model
3)Special instructions for mounting it

Thanks in advance.

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I've got an M1A, and I've always used Harris Bipods. The standard bi-pod seems to be the perfect height. They usually run around 50 - 60 bucks.

I've HEARD that you can use the standard bolt action uncle mikes swivels on a wood stock, but I don't know that I would. Gunsmiths can remove the front swivel, route the inside to accept a back plate, and sandwich the two together.

What I did is this:

Drilled off the front sling loop from the inside of the stock, being careful not to damage stock or metal from sling plate.

After removing the loop plate, I cut "curled" part that holds the actual loop off with a saw. I ground the edges round with a grinder and blackened the end.

I bought the shortest UM machine screw swivel available, and a trip to the hardware store netted the tiny nuts I'd need. I also got a screw the same dimensions as the UM swivel. Then I put the screw through one hole of the plate, and the UM swivel through the other, and bolted it back to the stock.

I'm NO gunsmith, and this was much easier than it sounds. If you'd prefer, Brownells sells a bolt on front swivel that you can purchase, modify, and install without damaging your original. Also with this setup, you could drill a hole between the two existing holes, tap the hole, install hte UM swivel, cut of the excess, and bolt THAT to the rifle.
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