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M1A clones

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Are there any good quality M1A clones on the market?
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Yes,and like the Barbarian said the Norinco will cost ya.What Barbarian didn't mention is that you have to spend another $500 or more to "re-work" that Norinco,to make it both safe to shoot,and so it'll hit what you aim for. So you may as well pony up the money for a used-if you can find one,Springfield M1A.If you have a good relationship with a gunsmith you could get a Armscorp receiver,like I did and find various parts at gun shows,and assemble it your self with the help of "The M14 Owner's Guide,by Scott Duff-a must have,in any case.Good luck.:2guns: BILL
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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