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Hi, Folks,

An important side note:

The BATF lost a case involving a fellow with a T/C pistol and T/C rifle. They said having the pistol barrel and rifle buttstock constituted a Title II "Short Barreled Rifle" and was illegally unregistered. Short barrels are what got Randy Weaver's family shot. However, the court ruled that since legal combinations of the parts could be made, there should not be the supposition that *illegal* combinations *would* be assembled. Good news, one would think.

However, the BATF has said repeatedly that, for example, possession of even *one* M16 part (e.g., an M16 hammer) while also possessing an AR-15 constitutes the making of a machine gun. This they hold even if the M16 part is in a storage building you rent in AZ and you live in ME.

So. Let's say you have a post-ban M1A or M14S with either a (legal) flash supressor or muzzle brake (note the correct spelling; it's "brake," not "break"!!). You also purchase a CMP "M14 Front Sight Assembly" as a paperweight. We don't yet know if a court will uphold the BATF's likely contention that since you have the FS (the CMP's euphemism for "flash suppressor") and the post ban rifle, you prima facie have manufactured a dreaded assault weapon after 13 September 1994! Even tho you never put the M14 FS on your M1A! Go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

So the general proposition that any citizen may own any firearm part that is *not a firearm* (firearms, are, for example, a rifle receiver, pistol frame, or whatever part of a particular firearm is serialized and controlled per GCA 68) has some "gotchas." Alas, we don't know what they might be in every case; we also don't know what the CA AG, for example, will do to make an example!

However, you may freely buy and sell these parts inter and intra state. Just don't get a three-round-burst M16A2 fire control group and stick it in the butt recess of your AR-15!

Best regards,

Walt Kuleck
Fulton Armory Webmaster
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