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M1 Carbine question

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sorry for posting here...but i didnt see a Carbine forum.

i have a Winchester M1 carbine..serial #5561XXX.

it is a Blue Sky import. averaging 6inch groups @ 100meters.
the rifling and crown are gone. just ordered a new barrel from Tapco for $99.

i noticed while shooting..the iron site has a tendency to jump back from 100 to 150. i am considering ordering/installing a new rear site instead of trying to fix it.

my question is. did this Winchester orginally have a Flip up site or an adjustable A2 site? my receiver has no date of MFG that i can see.

thanks in advance.
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Hello AK ! Either the flip sight or a type II adjustable (Milled) sight could have been used originally. The information currently available about correct carbine parts is not as clear as it is on the Garands. If your sight is milled and has a H inside of a shield, then it`s probably original. If it is milled, some of them had a screw or a pin that trapped the aperature in the ramp. If you can get this out you may be able to tighten the aperature up. If you are going to buy a G.I. sight, then buy an adjustable one that is either stamped or milled. A flip sight is a lot more money and a lot less useful. If you want a sight for target shooting, Williams makes a fairly decent one. Brownels has them for thirty-some dollars. It`s not as quikly adjustable as the original, but it has a lot finer adjustments and it locks down with set screws. I used a smaller screw in aperature from a Lyman sight I had, because the one supplied on mine was way to big. Your carbine was probably made early to mid 1944. Hope this helps. Kerwin
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