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I honestly don't understand the point. I mean, an M-14 pretty much is the same as a Garand functionally, right? So why butcher a perfectly good Garand to get an M-14?

(Edit) Of course, that is assuming you want to re-chamber it to .308, a mag-fed 30-06 Garand woudl indeed be the **** (sort of a poor-man's BAR).

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Garands are CHEAP here in CANADA. A buddy bought five of them, got to hand pick them, and ended up with 2 that were as NEW. Total cost, $ 500 CAN for all five [ that works out to $66 US each ]. We cleaned the cosmoline out of the one he kept, took it to the range, and first five shot group with hunting ammo and open sights was 1 1/2" @ 100 yds. In Canada, the Garands are cheaper than Chinese SKS.

Since the laws changed recently, US GI M-14 rifles have basically become wall hangers here. I can them for $ 250 - $450 CAN, strip them for parts, and hand the registered owner back the uncut US GI M-14 receiver as a paperwieght, or so he can keep his "Converted Auto" status.

SInce SA M1A receivers cost about $ 600 CAN, and the wait is about a year to get one, it makes economic sense to think about a Garand / M-14 bastard.
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