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M-14 Carbine Do-it yourself instructions?

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If anyone is interested, I could repost an article on how to build a folding stock and shorten the barrel on an M-14/M1A/M-14S.
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Be sure to be aware of what your state and federal laws concerning "assault weapons" may be.

If the firearm is a GRANDFATHERED assault weapon, then you can modify with all the toys you want.

If it is not grandfathered (i.e. it was built before the ban, but did NOT have any evil features at the time of the ban), then you will be creating a ~new~ assault weapon, and be in violation of the law.

I believe that most all preban M1A rifles are considered assault weapons, due to 2 evil features: Flash Suppressor and Bayonet Lug. If your rifle is missing the lug, it only has 1 evil feature, and therefor isn't grandfathered.

But if it is grandfathered, you're set! Go for it!

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