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Gentlemen; I am new to this forum and simply wanted to add my 4 cents worth on the topic. Lazerus 2000 posted a question regarding the M-1 Garand using a magazine. This was actually tried by Springfield Armory (The REAL one!) using modified BAR mags. Ultimatley it was simply deemed impractical and the M-14/15/21 family of rifles were developed. Personally I think it would be wonderfull to have a mag fed Garand but several things would have to be addressed: First would be the reciever. A manufacturer would be required to either stretch an M-14 type to '30-06 length (best) or modify an M-1 to accept BAR or F.N 49 mags. Second would be the gas system, dwell time and bolt lock time. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Mancos Tom

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