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Naw. You can suffer. I seen this **** coming long ago, that's prior 08', I'm good..
In fact, I set my self in a place where I knew I could auction stuff off that would turn huge profits.. Get this, I actually put " buy it now" prices up, but the auction would end higher than the buy it now price.. There are soooo many that haven't been educated a lick if economics, in fact, most have been brainwashed in snake oil economics (Silly terms like price gouging). Make no mistake, there is no avoiding natural selection.
I say good for you, and I agree. I do feel bad though for the young people coming into the gun market and are getting screwed because of circumstances beyond thier control. Now for us over 30 who saw all this coming, could afford it and did nothing, shame on us getting caught short.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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