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The only thing that may differ is the trigger and that is usually if you pay extra for something better, otherwise they are all basic GI triggers, everything else is probably all from the same manufacturer.
woodstock is correct.

LPK's are generally the same from one to another. Even if your LPK is marketed by a well-known AR-15 manufacturer, it's probably made by another company.

The biggest variant I've seen in LPK's is the fire control group, specifically the trigger and hammer. For instance, you can buy a LPK that has a RRA two-stage trigger (at least, you used to be able to...when you could find them), instead of a standard GI fire control group.

BTW, I've also cobbled together LPK's from various sources. It's a PITA, but do-able.

My take on LPK's is should always buy one more than you think you need. Those pesky little detents are easily lost, and springs have a tendency to jump around on you too. :p
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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