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Hi, all--

Here's the new guy, already trying to pick your brains.

My elder son Matt, a small town cop, has his heart set on a new Kimber Custom Stainless .45. I believe that's the model: A full-size .45 that is really pretty plain. Comes with fixed, Novak-style sights, extended thumb safety, and a ski-jump grip safety with a hump at bottom. That's about all the bells & whistles, except for the abominable full-length guide rod, which Matt says will go away as soon as he can change the parts. (A right-thinking 'Markin I raised.)

Anyhow, the best price we could find at Dallas Market Hall Gun Show this morning was $742 plus tax. Just wondering: What is such a pistola costing in your areas? I know, shipping and such would eat up any modest savings, even having a friendly FFL holder to help out on this end. Just curious, you know?

Matt's been using my OLD Colt MK-IV, Series 70 .45, but it broke recently. He owns a Series 80 National Match, but feels it is a bit delicate for rompin', stompin' law enforcement work, and, I gotta admit, he sort of learned that doctrine at his Daddy's feet. He now has my 1948-vintage Govt. Model in his holster, but really wants a heavy-duty gun of his own.

Aside from getting rid of the FLGR, and installing an arched mainspring housing, about the only mod contemplated for the planned acquisition is possible installation of night sights. Any experience with a one-for-one substitution on the full-size Kimber?

Best to all--
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