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During The G.W. Bush years===>
My buddy's wife hated Gee Dub SO much that she convinced him that they HAD to move to New Zealand :eek:
I get a phone call from my buddy
"What up T Rock? The wife says we have to move to New Zealand and I have to sell my guns....":cool:
So I bought his M1991AI Officers Model

I love it
I'm a Glock guy, so walking around cocked and locked still feels kind of funky to me....:wacko:

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Here's my 2, a Springfield LW Champion (left) and Dan Wesson Valor:


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Here is mine, a Colt 1927 Hartford with matching serial numbers on the frame,slide and barrel.Mine was one of the 10,000 made for an Argentine contract. It still needs a couple of parts to be 100% correct, a checkered slide stop and proper wood grips. After doing some research,I suspect that it was arsenal refinished st some point, but it is still tight and a good shooter
181 - 200 of 217 Posts
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