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I have a 1987 mini 14 and am in California. I'd love to get a folding stock for it. Is this legal for a grandfathered rifle? If not does anyone know where I can get the replacement part for one of those fixed Butler Creek non-folders (turns the non-folder into a folder by switching the part)

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"Grandfathering" is a term used around the Federal assault ban of 1994. And a grandfathered assault weapon (again, Federal) must have been in an "assault weapon" configuration at the time of the ban.

That being said, Californias new ban (1999's SB23) bans folding stocks. So unless it had a folding stock or another "evil feature" in 1999 AND you registered it, you cannot add it legally today.

What a pain, eh?

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ahh I see. Its too bad politicians enact laws like this. Like I'm going to be that much more dangerous by having a folding stock on my rifle :(

Ah well... anyone know where I might get a replacement joint on one of the butler creek non-folders. I would have prefered to be law abiding....

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Sorry if I don't sound pissed off enough. The politicians passed the ASSault weapons law in California and they and their friends were re-elected in the next three elections. What's this tell me about my governor, my assemblywoman, my senators? They won! Gunowners lost!

Guns in your cabinet probably make you a felon, no matter when you bought it!

People in other states that read this, you better get into politics!

Your folding stock is illegal and you are a felon. You just haven't been arrested yet.

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honestly were I the dangerous type. (these laws are against the law abiding citizens in my humble opinion, turning gun owners into criminals) I would think my 12 gauge and my 300 weatherby would be MUCH more formidable weapons then my mini 14... but don't tell anyone I said that...

I had to give up my Galil allready to avoid being a criminal.

Some have interpreted the 2nd amendment as not only the right to bear arms but in fact that everyone should HAVE to own a firearm to protect their country.

In case of attack use politician as sandbag....

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Man, there's a lot more to gun ownership than just having a gun, especially here in California. I've got a lot catching up to do. You guys keep it coming, great info (nothing new: however, about the politician as a sandbag comment), this much I did know! So just what modifications can be done on a 1983 Mini 14 anyway? You know, just having to ask what I can do to my own dang gun is crazy.
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