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Left handers

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Hello to all,

I am new to Perfect Union, and fairly new to shooting. I recently purchased a slightly used 186 series mini 14 (s.s.) from an online auction. The previous owner told me about this forum and I have been reading many of your discussions wile waiting for it to arrive.
I picked up the rifle yesterday, and as I was looking it over I remembered some of the members commenting about the way these guns launch shell casings with tremendous force. It didn't occour to me at the time, but now I am wondering. Being left handed, can I expect to have a dented forehead and powder burned face after touching off a few rounds with this thing?

I hope to do some shooting with it this week end, and if this is likely to happen I would greatly appreciate a warning.

Thank You,
Powder Burn
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I took my mini out on the 8th to a range at a gun shop close to home. The shooting bench there is in a small steel building about 6'x 12'. I took my kids with me, and they said that every time I shot it made the walls shake. I didn't have any trouble shooting it left handed. I did get my right thumb a little too close to the slide handle when it was cycling once though.
I put about 100 rounds through it shooting at 50 and 100 yards.
the best I got at 100 was a 4 inch group. Worst was about a 12 in. group, and at 50 I didn't see any difference in grouping betwean using the scope or the sights.
SKS, I am deffinatly eye dominant and always have been, but I think I will try right siding it just to see what happens. by the way, I live in southern Chautauqua county, near Jamestown.

Thank you all for your replys, it is nice to have a place like this to share a common interest.
Yea, we buy bait at Carlson's some times. I like it here, it's a nice area and yhere is alot of outdoors stuff to do year round.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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