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Left handers

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Hello to all,

I am new to Perfect Union, and fairly new to shooting. I recently purchased a slightly used 186 series mini 14 (s.s.) from an online auction. The previous owner told me about this forum and I have been reading many of your discussions wile waiting for it to arrive.
I picked up the rifle yesterday, and as I was looking it over I remembered some of the members commenting about the way these guns launch shell casings with tremendous force. It didn't occour to me at the time, but now I am wondering. Being left handed, can I expect to have a dented forehead and powder burned face after touching off a few rounds with this thing?

I hope to do some shooting with it this week end, and if this is likely to happen I would greatly appreciate a warning.

Thank You,
Powder Burn
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Welcome. I'm a south paw too. The only thing you will have to worry about is that you need to take enough ammo with you. Your going to enjoy your new toy. Mine tosses the brass up and a little out. I like the safty placement too. Let us know it went on Monday.
I am one of the bless ones. I'm right eyed. But I shoot my long guns left handed. And my hand guns from the right side. But I can switch back and forth with both with out any trouble. And I'm just about as good from either side. I have qualified several times with the local police dept, from both sides. When I was very young, I was just about a pure ambex. as you could get. But as I got older, I settled on one side or the other. I do most every thing eather hand. I used to shoot bows from the left side, but switched to right back in high school when I could not find a good left handed hunting rig. Being this way makes it nice from a tree stand. The deer do not always come from the good side.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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