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I am leaning towards mini 30 over 14 because of the cheaper ammo and more power. Is it safe to say that there will be alot of 7.62 rounds in the future? what kind of accuracy can I expect with this rifle?

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Accuracy for me is just very slightly better with the Mini-30.

Ammo availabilty should be pretty constant. However, this year I noticed a shortage of the Wolf 7.62x39mm ammo in the past couple of months. All of my normal Internet ammo sources were out of stock of Wolf. They seem to be back now though.

I don't know if this is due to 9/11 terrorism, or if it is just a normal occurance before deer hunting season...

I have heard rumors of banning incoming foreign guns and ammo, but like I say, its just a rumor at this point. Probably just another political stunt.

Possibly, military consumption may reduce availability to American citizens, but its doubtful it will dry up completely. Don't worry - they'll make more!

Regardless of which Ruger Mini-XX you pick, you may find yourself wandering back into that sporting goods store and buying whichever one you didn't originally get. Don't worry though, because at $460-$480, they are WELL worth it!

One drawback of the Mini-30 is that RELIABLE high-capacity magazines are comparatively hard to find. Ruger *Factory* high-caps are very reliable, but almost impossible to find, and when you do find them, they are definately pricey.

The same is kind of true for Mini-14 high cap mags, except there seem to be more reliable third-party mags.
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