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I love my hammerless Taurus, but I'm realizing more and more that the sights are less than optimal for quick target acquistion. This is especially true in bright lights, as the stainless steel is pretty reflective off of the rear sights. I've been thinking of ordering a set of laser pointer grips, at the cost of $185.

It seems like a red dot ought to make it a lot more intuitive to shoot, but I've never used one before. Are these better left to Hollywood, or are they as useful as I think they will be?

Any suggestions on brands or other general advice?

Thanks in advance.

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My personal opinion on lasers is leave them to Hollyweird. They get two 'cool' points but only 1/2 practical points. The type of gun you are using is a personal defense gun not a target gun. At personal defense (7yds or less) can you keep your shots in the pie plate size target? If so, save your money.

Statistics have shown that most personal confrontations occur at 7yds or less. If over 7yds you probably have time for other options. Like leave the area or seek immediate cover.

It is very seldom that you see a precsion bullseye target shooter that also excels at the IDPA/IPSC style of shooting. Different style, different results. I might suggest that with a hammerless snubbie that you practice 'point shooting' for personal defense. Not as accurate but quick and effective at center mass hits.

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I can typically keep 9/10 shots in an 8" circle at 5m and 3/4 at 10m in good light. Using cardboard man sized cutouts, I can fire "from the hip" and keep almost all the shots in the chest/abdomen region from 5-8m. Pretty good for a 2" barrel, I think. I have to practice with the Taurus more often than my others, though, or I have to take some time to remember the correct sight picture.

The more I think about it, the more I'm deciding to invest the money into lessons at a local range. The top instructor for the state police gives private lessons. I'm thinking I'd probably do better to spend the money learning better habits than trying to compensate with a laser.

I'm still going to have night sights put on my CZ, though. :D

I appreciate the input, Punchie.
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