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Just picked up an AK

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I'm back into the AK world. I had a MAK 90 and a NHM 91 a few years ago but got away from them. But I got a deal on a Rom/Bulg. AK type that I could not pass up. I traded a used Ruger that I had $300.00 into for the AK. It has a Bulg parts kit on a Rom receiver. And a non folding Krinkov metal rear stock. It has a AK break on the front. I think the guy wanted out from it due to that there may not be enough US parts on it. But I'm taking care of that real fast. I took it out last yesterday. The light was not real good and ether are my eyes. With cheap Rus. ammo I got 1/2in. group at 25 yrds off a bench. Then 2 1/2in. at 50. Could not see the bull at 100, so I'll need to go back on a better day. I did break 4 clay birds at 50 off hand with 4 shots. I think I'm going to like my new friend. I'm sure I'll be hitting you guys up from time to time about it. Its nice having folks around that are in the know.
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yep just can't beat that AK reiability. Also you gotta love the magazine design, just about indestructable and cheap to boot.:D
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