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Hi everyone.
I was thinking of buying a John Masen Ruger Mini-14 Muzzle Brake Stainless Steel.
I saw them also made by Black Warrior.
Is there any difference in manufacturer?
What tools do I need to install properly?
Will my front sight move changing the factory zero while I take the pin out?
On a Mini 14 stock barrel am I going to notice a difference in recoil?
Is this going to be considered a flash suppressor or silenser?
I know this is alot of questions all at once.
Thank you.

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The John Masen is the Black Warrior see site -

Used by most on this BB
No expirence with this one

A punch,small nail etc to knock out the roll pin, the front sight will not move. The muzzle brake comes with a longer roll pin.

Recoil will decrease slighly, not a whole lot to begin with. The brake will more than likely improve group size.

This is a muzzle brake as stated.

Hope this helps.

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Joey, Icm pretty much has said it. My BW double muzzle brake, cut my 4 1/2" groups, down to 2 1/4". The sight will not move, as there is a notch on the barrel, the sight pin contacts to hold the front sight in place. Your POI will change, it's not the sight, it's the Harmonic vibration of the barrel has changed, so you will probably be shooting a little lower than before. Adjust sights or scope to compensate.
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