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I initially started my AR build with a long barrel, varmint/vermin rifle in mind. I bought an inexpensive Plum Crazy lower for the build because it was what I could afford. I was not impressed with the polymer lower for the purpose I had in mind so I purchased a Stag arms stripped lower and all the parts to finish it. I'm very happy with the end product.

Stag Arms lower, Timney 3# trigger, Marks Armory complete upper with a 24 inch spiral fluted barrel and an LAR spiral free float tube. BSA 4X12 illuminated Mil dot reticle scope, and a FAB defense sniper butt-stock with a one inch spacer. (I'm 6'5", need the extra pull) I haven't mounted a bipod on it yet, that's next. On sand bags its murder on prairie dogs out to 400 yards and coyotes at about 800 yards.

Because I was left with a polymer lower that I didn't want to sell, I decided to build a bug-out gun. Marks Armory 16" pencil barrel with a cheap NC Star three sight system. 3X9 railed scope, holo sight on top of that and a laser.
The amazing thing is how well my $700 Bug-out gun shoots. I'm very confident out past 500 yards with that rifle, EVEN with the plastic hammer. I guess sometimes ya just get lucky!
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