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Is the XS tritium sight right for me?

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Ok, I figured that the best way to help get a good answer to this is to throw out a few situtations that I expect my Ranch Rifle to handle. Some may funny sounding, but its the easiest way to get my point across.

I am coming from a deer stand off a fifty foot square plot with a feeder. Its right at dusk, and I see a silhouette of a decent hog about twenty five yards ahead eating something. Since I didnt see a deer, I want to shoot it to have something in the fridge. You can split this between a spooked hog or an unaware hog. Two for the price of one.

I see that the XS sights are almost two hundred dollars by the time I get them too my door. Since I dont want fifteen pounds of equipment hanging off my gun, and I like the stock that is already on it, I can justify spending the big money on a sight that will make the most of what I want to do. Is this true?

Seven zombies are walking towards my house, they are rather close and I need to eliminate them in a timely fashion.

I like to plink in rapid fashion at targets at short distances. See how fast I can knock them down (bowling pins, cans, ect.)

I have other rifles that can shoot a deer at 100 + yards.

I dont like batteries on a rifle, and I may at some point have the rifle thrown around in the back of a truck out of necessity.

So I hope these statements help answer what I want out of the rifle.

Are the XS tritium sights right for me?
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