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Is the XS tritium sight right for me?

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Ok, I figured that the best way to help get a good answer to this is to throw out a few situtations that I expect my Ranch Rifle to handle. Some may funny sounding, but its the easiest way to get my point across.

I am coming from a deer stand off a fifty foot square plot with a feeder. Its right at dusk, and I see a silhouette of a decent hog about twenty five yards ahead eating something. Since I didnt see a deer, I want to shoot it to have something in the fridge. You can split this between a spooked hog or an unaware hog. Two for the price of one.

I see that the XS sights are almost two hundred dollars by the time I get them too my door. Since I dont want fifteen pounds of equipment hanging off my gun, and I like the stock that is already on it, I can justify spending the big money on a sight that will make the most of what I want to do. Is this true?

Seven zombies are walking towards my house, they are rather close and I need to eliminate them in a timely fashion.

I like to plink in rapid fashion at targets at short distances. See how fast I can knock them down (bowling pins, cans, ect.)

I have other rifles that can shoot a deer at 100 + yards.

I dont like batteries on a rifle, and I may at some point have the rifle thrown around in the back of a truck out of necessity.

So I hope these statements help answer what I want out of the rifle.

Are the XS tritium sights right for me?
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I think the Tritium sights would work well on the first round, then your night vision is going to be after images of the muzzle blast.
But still if ya make the first one count....
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