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Have any of you heard of the mini-14 20 GB a fellow officer from a neighboring county is on their swat team. He told me in the early 90s they were issued this gun before going to the AR-15 223. He described the guns as reliable and you could select your mode of fire, it could be semi auto three round burst or fully Automatic. He said everyone hated to see the guns go. I have a book on nothing but the mini-14 and when I get a chance Im going to see if I can find it,now that would be a piece to own. However he tried to buy his old mini-14 20 GB but the county would not allow it he says they were destroyed all but the mags and he was able to salvage some of them,what a shame

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Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.
Southport, CT UCAS
5.56x45mm NATO (.223 Rem)
Operation: Gas
Safety: Garand type
Barrel: 13" (315mm)
Weight: 7.7 lbs. (3.5 kg)
Magazine Capacity:
5-20 rounds, detachable box
Modes of fire:
Safe, Semi-automatic, 3-round burst, Fully-automatic
Cyclic Rate: 700 rpm

The AC556F (Automatic Carbine, 5.56mm, Short Barrel) is the military/police variant of Ruger's popular Mini-14 line of rifles, based on the US M-14 battle rifle. It was introduced in 1976.

Capable of semi-automatic, full-automatic and 3-round burst, the AC556 has a pivoting plunger operating selector located at the right rear side of the receiver. With this selector forward, the carbine fires in semi-automatic, midway, 3-round burst fire, and to the rear, the carbine fires full-automatic.

The AC556 is made largely from investment castings that are precision machined and then heat-treated. The stock is made of hardwood, incorporating a hinged, folding metal stock and a polymer pistol grip. The AC556F also includes a short 13" barrel with flash suppressor.

Model Caliber Range

AC556F 5.56mm NATO Carbine
20 clip
6/5 days

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Found my book on mini-14s, and as I like to say liketoshoot sums it up right down to barrel length. I bet that would be fun to take to the Range and let the young ones get the experience of shooting three round burst. Thanks to all for your time and information.

Good Luck.
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