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In honor of all the US Warriors that placed their lives in harms way to protect our freedoms with a "special emphasis" to those that gave the "ultimate sacrifice" ... SixTGunr of Whamo-Camo takes pride in presenting (at this time) "three of four" various color schemes in a series of hand painted camo stocks dubbed: Operation Iraqi Freedom Camo Series

Though slightly similiar in appearance these are "not" that of the Marine Corps MARPAT camo nor do they contain the famed EGA logo or any form of infrared capabilities and/or deterance thereof. These are "hand painted" as opposed to that of the Marine Corps computer generated camo.

I have chosen to make available four different color schemes although the pattern itself will be extremely similiar and have attached to each color the below listed corresponding titles:

1. The Road To Baghdad (As Seen Above)
2. Ambush Alley (As Seen Above)
3. The Basra Bandit (As Seen Above)
4. The Sands Of Nasiriyah

The stocks in this series shall be completed with the Whamo-Camo "hand painted" process that I have always tried to maintain since the very begining of the Whamo name and due to this process slight variations may occur and yet each stock will therefore have its very own originality in that "no two" will be identical. Each stock will come with its very own matching handguard and come complete with all the metal hardware consisting of a freshly parkerized hinged trap door buttplate and sling swivel.

The selector cutout "will not be filled" on these so as to maintain a certain degree of authenticity to these particular weapons that were carried in this operation.

In order to make this package more affordable I am currently working out details with Hawk of SparrowHawk Stocks who offers the dummy selector kits which can be obtained from him and very easily be installed on theses stocks in order to enhance the appearance of your weapon.

In order to accomplish this ... I will be lowering the cost of these stocks in order that one may use that difference to purchase a dummy selector kit from Hawk.

Orders for these Iraqi Freedom stocks are now being taken and upon receipt of payment your name will then be added to the list of buyers and all orders will be completed and filled on the "first come ... first served" basis. This order proceedure will also apply to Hawks dummy kits as well for those that wish to purchase them.

Due to the extereme workload and the fact that I also hold down a full time job combined with the fact that the hand paint process can at times be very tedious and time consuming I cannot (at this time) be "specific" as to the exact delivery time but can assure you that orders will be completed as quickly as possible "and" as time permits. Both Hawk and I appreciate your understanding regarding this matter.

For stock orders from this series please contact Six at [email protected]

For dummy selector kit orders please contact Hawk at [email protected]

Thank you for looking and taking the time .....

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